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The first and foremost step in any online business venture is choosing a niche for your website. Whether you are creating an online store or developing a blog, you need to focus on one niche and stick to it until it is built to your satisfaction.

Listed here are some key points involved in finding your niche. The fact is that anything can be a niche and there are products and companies in just about everything that you can link with as an affiliate marketer and earn a very good living.

Find Your Passion

The key to developing any niche is to find something you are passionate about. Start with a list of things you know about, or hobbies that you are interested in now, or even something you would like to learn about in the future.

Now take that list and make a decision on something you would like to share or sell to the rest of the world and go for it.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

A while back I decided to create an online store of my own to test out this affiliate marketing concept. I picked a couple of niches that I was interested in and have a passion for and created two completely self-sustaining eCommerce stores. I do not own or stock any of the products and everything is ordered, processed, and shipped through my affiliate account with Amazon. This is the key to completely utilizing the affiliate marketing systems and you can do it with any niche you like.

My first store, Slim & Trim, is designed around Diet and Weight Loss Products. The store runs itself and I just keep up on some maintenance and directing traffic. This is a fully functioning eCommerce store with plenty of products for potential customers to choose from..

Slim & Trim Website
Slim & Trim Website

I then decided to create a second store focused on Smartphones and Accessories. This store also runs itself and is a fully functioning eCommerce store with products directly from Amazon.

The iPhone Experts Website
The iPhone Experts Website

Although it is more involved to build stores such as these, you can start out small and work your way up to something like this in any niche you desire.

If you want to speed things up a bit on the website end of things, you can always purchase a ready-made store to start out and get your juices flowing while you are learning the rest of the business.

Find Companies and Products To Develop Your Passion

Finding Your nicheOnce you have your niche in mind, do some research on companies offering affiliate programs and the products you want to offer.

Pretty much every company out there these days offers an affiliate program, including large companies like WalMart, Sony, Disney, and so much more. You can just link yourself with companies like Amazon and EBay and utilize all the products available through their wide selection like I did, and earn commission on every sale that runs through your store.

The key while building your niche is to learn as much as you can, utilize the knowledge and expertise of others to grow your niche, and focus on building your business. Get access to the best tools you can find and get your website out there. Spread the word on your niche and keep going. Traffic is the key to sales, don’t stop.

Be passionate about your niche, be passionate about your business.

Write About What You Know and Learn

Write About What You KnowAnother way to build an affiliate marketing business is to create yourself a blog website focused around your niche.

Building a blog website is a great way to learn the business for yourself without needing to know a lot of details about eCommerce, linking all the products, designing secrets, etc. You can build a blog site very easily through WordPress, which is designed for blogs, and go from there.

Starting with a WordPress Blog is a simple and effective way for you to learn the business on your own. Utilize the tools and expertise available to you to build and customize your site and grow with it. Stick to your niche and write and develop content specifically around that niche.

An excellent way to get started with a blog site for free is to join The Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member and begin the training available to you to build your own website through SiteRubix. The insights you will learn from the basic FREE starter package alone will get you well on your way in affiliate marketing.

Pick Your Niche and Away You Go

Pick Your Niche And Away You Go

Choosing a niche for your website does not have to be a difficult task. Pick a niche you are passionate about, something you want to know

more about, and make it your business to share it with the rest of the World.

Stay focused and committed to that niche until you have completed the task at hand. Build and grow on your niche by sharing insights and information that you already know and what you may also learn along the way.

Remember that anything can be a niche and you can find affiliate companies for just about anything you can think of. Utilize tools and resources at your disposal and grow your business.

Worst case scenario, you learn something new on how to build your own website and more about your passion. You can then take that information on to the next niche and build that up.

Best case scenario, you make a tonne of money in the process.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below, contact me directly. or post in the new community forum.

Wayne Killins

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The key focus of Affiliate Marketing News is to offer valuable insights, tools, and resources that allow anyone to build and achieve a successful affiliate marketing business

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Learn More, Earn More. The key focus of Affiliate Marketing News is to offer valuable insights, tools, and resources that allow anyone to build and achieve a successful affiliate marketing business

2 thoughts on “Choosing a Niche For Your Website – Niche Blog Ideas

  • April 18, 2018 at 10:00 pm

    WKillins, great post. Thanks for the tips for picking a niche. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to center your website around your passion because you never know whose interested and whose not, did you ever have any trouble picking a niche for your website and what is your passion?
    Mine is video games and video game tech, your post is a great way to make people feel at ease about picking a niche for their website; the pressure can be too much for people starting out in affiliate marketing. Good job

    • April 18, 2018 at 10:00 pm

      Thanks so much for the great comment.

      I really have had no problems picking niches as there are so many to choose from. Basically when I started my first couple of eCommerce stores I just went with a couple of niches that I thought might be of interest to a wide audience and they were both interests of mine as well.

      I have now dedicated myself to the niche of affiliate marketing as this is something I do know a few things about plus I can share the wisdom and knowledge that I am getting from sites like the Wealthy Affiliate.

      Video games and tech is a huge market, I am sure you will have no problem captivating an audience with this niche.

      I wish you the best of luck and have fun with it.


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