Finding Your Niche In Marketing – How To Start

The most common question for anyone looking on how to start with affiliate marketing is, “how do I find my niche?”

Finding your niche in marketing does not have to be a difficult task. Everything you buy, everything you do, everything you see potentially has a niche attached to it.

Finding Your Niche In Affiliate MarketingFinding Your Niche In Marketing

When you are looking at how to start in affiliate marketing one of the biggest hurdles you will come across is just what niche you should start with and how you can build an online business around that niche.

The first thing you should do is spend some time writing down your niche ideas. Take a moment to think about things that you like and write them down. Maybe you enjoy fishing? Maybe you love playing video games. Perhaps you like to fix things, cars, home, electronics, whatever. Do you have a knack for colour schemes in a home or designing interior layouts?

As you can see, it all starts with an idea, something you feel passionate about, something you enjoy, maybe it’s a hobby, maybe it’s your current career choice.

Next, write down some of these ideas. Make a list of about 5 or 10 of these different ideas you come up with. At this point they can be fairly broad but write them down anyways. This will give you an excellent starting point.

Do A Little Research On Your Niche

You will find that anything can be a niche. Go online and do a google search for the niches that you made a list of. Search each one out and just see how many choices come up.

Now take those niches that you have written down and pick some specific areas within that niche. If you have something like fishing, you could put things down like “Sport Fishing” or “Fly Fishing”. If you have something like fixing cars, put down things like “how to save money doing it yourself” or ” checking the fault codes”. Hopefully you get the idea here.

Take your list now, go online to google and type in the specific niche with affiliate programs and see what comes up now. Type it in like this: “sport fishing + affiliate programs”. Below are a couple of search examples, as you can see there is affiliate marketing programs available for everything.

Sport Fishing Google Affiliate Search

Home Auto Repair Google Affiliate Search

Niche Marketing - Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From here?

As you can see from your searches, there are affiliate marketing companies you can link with for just about every niche you can think of.

You need to spend some time and check out these companies. See what kind of programs they offer. See how they rate. See if you can find out from other affiliates that are already recommending these companies on their websites and ask them how the company is working for them.

If you start out with big, well-known companies you can always add more later on as you learn more about affiliate marketing and how things operate. Check out Amazon, eBay, WalMart, and other big companies in your niche area. They all have affiliate programs you can join and utilize your affiliate links on your own website through to their products, getting paid every time someone buys something through your link to them.

Pick A Niche and Do It

Once you have your niche ideas, you have found great affiliate companies within those niches, and you have an idea for which niche you want to utilize, go for it. Pick one niche and begin. Build a website around that niche, whether you want an eCommerce type website or a blog style website, pick one niche to start with.

Don’t worry about things like competition, finding customers, and website rankings at this point. Your focus to start is building the foundation of your online business. Whatever you build you want to keep in the back of your mind that you are helping and guiding people on a solution to that specific niche first, and focusing on selling them something second.

Finding Your Niche Is Easy, Affiliate Marketing Is Simple

I hope that you have realized that finding a niche does not have to be a challenge. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and simplest businesses you can get in to. There is huge potential for you in any niche you choose if as long as you approach things from a helping perspective rather than a sales perspective, learn how to create and utilize a website effectively, write content that people want to read, and make your presence known.

If you become serious about your business, your business will become serious about you! There are 1000s of training programs, tools, and resources available on The World Wide Web today that can actually help you succeed in your business. The key is to find the right ones with your success in mind.

Wealthy Affiliate University
I highly recommend that if you want to become a success and build the online business empire you wish to achieve, you take a serious look at Wealthy Affiliate University. This is a community of like-minded individuals with the sole purpose of helping each other achieve success. Wealthy Affiliate has the tools and resources at your disposal to build your online business from start to finish.

Whether you want to know where to begin in affiliate marketing and find your niche or you want to know tips and techniques to build your existing business, you cannot go wrong by becoming a member.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below, contact me directly, or join my community forum and share with others.

Wishing you all the best in your success!

Wayne Killins

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The key focus of Affiliate Marketing News is to offer valuable insights, tools, and resources that allow anyone to build and achieve a successful affiliate marketing business

Affiliate Marketing News

Learn More, Earn More. The key focus of Affiliate Marketing News is to offer valuable insights, tools, and resources that allow anyone to build and achieve a successful affiliate marketing business

4 thoughts on “Finding Your Niche In Marketing – How To Start

  • April 22, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    Finding my niche was hard. I had to do the research you are speaking of and really find out how I could make my niche work for me. So I did. And then like you suggested I went all in. I’m enjoying myself thus far because I get to talk about something I love. Great post thanks.

    • April 22, 2018 at 11:28 pm

      That is fantastic. I am glad you were able to find your niche and if it is something you have a passion for then it helps you build and develop without getting too frustrated. If you keep your focus and put in the work to develop and grow it, then it will pay you back.

  • April 23, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Hello and thanks for sharing your post that is easy to follow and gets right to the point. Your post is very informative and will be a good help to your readers.


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