What Is Affiliate Marketing Online – And Does It Work

For many years now I have been working online and have dabbled in a few multi-level marketing programs. At the beginning of 2018 I finally found out more about affiliate marketing and how it works. I have been going non-stop at it ever since.

Many people ask, “What is Affiliate Marketing Online?” or “Does It Work?” Well, the answer is really simple, YES it does work.

What Is Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is really quite simple. Basically you have a company or manufacturer that wants to sell their products to a wide scope of people. These companies need to spread the word about their products or services and want to do it in the most cost-efficient and effective way.

Years ago before the popularity of the internet they used to use programs like Multi-Level Marketing, which a company called Amway used to do, but it had its flaws. They would take a product, sell it out at the list prices through people who generally were required to purchase products as well (which is how a majority of the sales happened), and then split out the rest of the profits to people on different levels in the sales process. Now with these multi-level companies most of the money being made was not with the actual sales of the products, but with the required “Extras” people needed to purchase in order to stay at certain recognition levels within the company. Now I am not saying all multi-level companies were or are bad, but this is the way they made money.

There are a lot of companies out there that want to sell their products but do not want to approach sales with this type of program and structure. They want to easily sell the products through a sales force of their own, but do not want all the overhead and trouble of hiring employees, paying wages, sorting taxes, workers comp, and all the other “pleasures” that owning a traditional business brings.

Now you have this wonderful system of Affiliate Marketing. The system is so simplistic and near perfect for everyone involved. The company has a product, they house it, package it, collect the money, ship it, and rather then paying a sales force and costing them more money, you get paid a commission or percentage for sending the customers to them.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and Does It Work?

Like any traditional sales job, you have to go out and find the customers to make money. Think of yourself as a sales representative for the company you have chosen. You are representing them with the understanding that they will pay you a percentage or commission for the customers you send “through their doors”.

Yes - Affiliate Marketing Does Work It is of utmost importance that you pick companies and products that you know represent quality both in themselves as a company but also in the products that they offer to customers. Not only are you representing them, but the company and products are also a representation of you. If you sell something for someone that is considered “junk” by the customers then this is also going to ruin your reputation and directly reflect on your business. Pick items that you have a bit of a familiarity with or affiliate yourself with companies that have a good reputation and are familiar to people to start out with. Once you start seeing success then perhaps you can look at some companies that aren’t as familiar but still can develop a great reputation.

Companies like Amazon, WalMart, Sony, Disney, Clickbank, Ebay… They all have affiliate marketing programs available and with so many choices of products, you will never run out of items to sell.

Affiliate Marketing Does Work if you work at your business. What is also very important to remember is that it is “Your Business”. What you put in to your business is what you will get out of your business. Let’s say you set up an eCommerce site in the Luxury Watches Niche utilizing Amazon and Ebay. You set up all your affiliate links, set up a beautiful online store, arrange everything easy for the customers to find what they want, post a few articles about luxury watches, and have it all set up for customers to place orders, Amazon takes the orders, collects the payments, and ships the items direct to the customers. Now “BOOM“, you are going to make money and just sit back and watch the commission checks roll in to your bank every Month…. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

It takes effort on your part like anything else to make it work. You need to get involved in YOUR BUSINESS. You need to drive the traffic to your site in order to make the sales. You need to focus your attention on getting your customers involved and wanting to come to your site. You need stay active, even if just a couple hours a day, in your business or It Won’t Work. Only You Can Make It Work.

It's All In The NumbersIt’s All In The Numbers

Getting started in affiliate marketing is the easy part. In order to make money doing affiliate marketing you need to get the numbers. The more people you can the drive through your online store, the more sales you are going to get.

Here’s a little story I heard when I was younger that might help get my point across on this.

Jack has this little store located in a small town just outside of a major city. Now Jack has decided that he wants to increase sales in his store and get more people coming through the door so he talks to a sales person who sells billboards. Jack and the sales rep come to an agreement on price and design the perfect billboard ad to drive people to want to come to his store.

About a week later the design team has everything ready to go and they are all ready to get the sign up. The installers set it all up and the billboard looks fantastic, ready to bring in customers. A few week go by and nothing has improved for Jack’s store. Sales have not gone up, customers are not coming, things are not working out as he had hoped after spending all this money and utilizing his great advertising strategy. What is the problem here?

Well, it was really quite simple. Jack sat back after his wonderful billboard advertisement was done and waited for traffic to come his way without even realizing that he had placed this billboard in the middle of a forest, surrounded by trees, and not visible at all from passing motorists.

Do you get where this story is coming from? You can spend all the money in the World creating the perfect ad, building the perfect store, having the best products, but if you sit back and do nothing it’s like setting up a billboard in the middle of a forest. If people cannot see it, if people cannot find you, they will not come.

You have to put effort in to your business. Drive traffic to your site. Place Your Billboards in high traffic areas where people will see them and come visiting.

There are billions of people in the World just looking around for what you have. How are you going to get noticed?

Numbers Are Success In Affiliate MarketingYes, Affiliate Marketing Does Work

Just remember, affiliate marketing at it’s core is one of the simplest and easiest programs to utilize these days. You don’t have to call your friends and relatives to “show them something”. You don’t have to be on the phone day and night finding new leads. You don’t have to buy books and tapes just to get a diamond status.

All you need to do is simply remember it is YOUR BUSINESS. People need to be able to FIND YOU and THEY WILL COME. You need to put in serious effort to drive traffic to your store, your blog, or whatever niche you have decided to be in. You need to be constantly involved in GROWING YOUR BUSINESS and not just sit back and wait for things to happen.

Pick a niche that you are passionate about, build your business around that niche, put the effort in to getting your billboard seen, stay persistent in driving traffic to your door, and affiliate marketing WILL WORK FOR YOU.


I hope you find the information here useful to your success in business.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below, contact me directly. or post in the new community forum.

Here’s to your success,

Wayne Killins

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The key focus of Affiliate Marketing News is to offer valuable insights, tools, and resources that allow anyone to build and achieve a successful affiliate marketing business

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Learn More, Earn More. The key focus of Affiliate Marketing News is to offer valuable insights, tools, and resources that allow anyone to build and achieve a successful affiliate marketing business

4 thoughts on “What Is Affiliate Marketing Online – And Does It Work

  • April 19, 2018 at 7:55 am

    Hallo there,

    I have to say you have really informed me about affiliate marketing and have helped me to know how to make the most of it to succeed online.

    One question though, you have said that as sales representative, you have to pick out the products of high quality to promote.

    I was wondering how you can get those products elsewhere when amazon, which I know to have such products, rejects you.

    Please help me out here.

    • April 19, 2018 at 8:05 am

      First of all, thank you very much for the kind words and I am glad I can help.

      Amazon can be picky at times and don’t take anything at heart from them. They base everything on your content so you can always apply to them later on as you grow and  develop your site and business.

      If you know what products you are looking for specifically you can always do an online search for other other companies offering them through affiliate association and utilize that. Just type in Google search with your product name + affiliate programs and see what comes up. Check them out and see what they offer.

      Another great affiliate program is available through eBay as well. If you have an eBay account all the better but you can always set one up, search for the eBay affiliate account and pull products from there.

      I hope this helps you a bit and feel free too contact me with any more questions.

      All the best to your success!

  • April 19, 2018 at 11:24 am


    Great post about Affiliate Marketing.

    I started my own Affiliate Marketing blog a couple of weeks ago and I am learning lots.

    Do you have any tips on how to use social media to increase traffic? There are loads of posts and sites on this topic and its a bit overwhelming.

    It would be great if you had a few tips.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


    • April 19, 2018 at 11:33 am

      Yes Sir, Thank you for the kind words.

      I utilize a simple WordPress plugin tool called Blog2Social. It is a really easy plugin to use, you just set it up with all of your social media accounts where you want to post and it does the rest. Once you have your post completed on your website you just click the button to post to social, choose which ones you want to post to, and it does the rest. Works great.

      All the best to your success!


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